„Everything is beautiful,

you just need to know how to look.”

Camille Pisarro

We bring out the beauty…

 in the thing itself…

We restore

 things back to life…

We put heart and soul

 into our work…

The joy of creation

 is part of our nature!

Welcome to the Manufacture

The Wooden & Recycled Home

Who doesn’t like beautiful, handmade objects made of natural materials? They create a unique ambience, giving your home interior a highly personal character. When starting the Manufacture, we decided we would always strive to bring out the beauty of old things, and to take good care of the natural environment. We believe in the ecohouse philosophy. We insist on using the most natural techniques available, while ensuring that every article we create is unique.

We are passionate about restoring damaged old furniture and household implements, even those whose condition makes most other renovators reluctant to undertake the job. We give these objects a second life. We work with wood and its derivatives. We use natural veneers. For colour, we use wood stains and water paints. For finish, we usually apply oil, shellac, wax and water-based varnish. The materials we use are environmentally friendly, and upholstery fabrics are woven with natural fibres.

A focus on quality and attention to detail are evident at every stage of our work. What we do cannot be easily classified, labelled or pigeonholed. We offer an original blend of ideas, perfectly suited to a given interior, combining old materials with new ones, and classics with modernity.

Why do our Clients choose us?

Professional team

We work with experts in their fields, many of whom are master craftsmen.

Customized projects

Every detail of the project is consulted with the Customer in terms of material, texture and manufacturing technology.

Acclaimed workmanship

Our Customers often come back to us with new projects. We strive to maintain top quality of our work.

Please feel free to contact us.