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Ann Decor Manufacture

Founders and owners Ann Decor Manufacture

We run a small manufacture, focusing on quality workmanship and uniqueness. Each project is a new challenge, which stimulates our creativity and brings us tremendous satisfaction. Our products include pieces in rustic and manorial styles, examples of modern minimalism and classical elegance, as well as successful combinations of different styles.

We try to make our products environmentally friendly. We use harmless materials, based on natural components (e.g., pigmented paints and natural non-allergenic adhesives) and recycled wood. We also employ traditional carpentry and upholstery tools and techniques.

We live and work in a beautiful countryside. Daily contact with nature reminds us that human beings are part of a living ecosystem and should live in harmony with it, surrounded by objects that are friendly and close to nature. We make custom furniture and elements of interior decoration. We renovate furniture and small household implements, restoring them to their original condition in a new form.

Our latest project – renovation of Jardiniere from XIX century.

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