„Beauty is closest when the present recedes into the past”

Jan Twardowski

We use traditional upholstery techniques

when renovating antique furniture

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We pay close attention to every detail

to make sure our reconstruction is faithful to the original

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We carefully select materials to be used in reconstruction

even if they are hard to find

Every piece of furniture, no matter how damaged,

deserves to be saved and restored to its original glory

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Write to us and ask about the renovation of your furniture.

Above all, we are faithful to one principle. We have learned to prioritize quality over speed, as speed can sometimes ruin the whole effect.

When you entrust us with a piece of furniture, we guarantee that the renovation project will be brought to a successful completion, and that you will be able to enjoy your cherished property for many years to come. We undertake complex renovation work, often dealing with severely damaged furniture and elements of interior decoration. In our view, every piece deserves to be restored to its former glory.