Renovation of dressing tables from the end of the 19th century

Do not praise the day before sunset

In 2018 a dressing table came to us. The renovation of furniture at first glance should not cause colossal problems. For various non-business reasons, we started working on the furniture in early 2019. Once again, it turned out that the devil is in the details and inside the furniture.

As with most furniture that gets to us, the biggest challenge is structural damage or veneer coating defects. In this case, both of these problems occurred to a significant extent.

After a thorough examination of the furniture, it turned out that the maple veneer coatings on the countertop and drawer fronts can be replaced at most, damaged by moisture, poor storage and ubiquitous wood-eating holes. It took us a long time to find the right type of veneer peacock eye in the right size. We wanted to coat the top with one leaf veneer.

Drawers that literally fell apart in the hands, eaten by insects, turned out to be the biggest design challenge. Apart from the fronts, drawers in this furniture have been completely reconstructed.

The tops of small drawers in the extension also required the placement of new veneer coatings – this time oak.

The furniture came to us without locks in drawers. Several weeks of searching were successful and the furniture gained functional, lockable three drawers.

After nearly 6 months of work, the furniture has regained its former glory and we trust that it will serve its owners for the next decades.